Blue Pathways Educational Mentorship Services

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Certified Black
Blue Pathways Educational Mentorship Services are housed. We are a full-service management consulting business. We have solutions for your pain. We are dedicated to ending human sex trafficking and modern-day slavery of our black and brown girls between the ages of 10 - 25+. We are committed to entrepreneurship efforts to put laptops, headphones, and a future in the hands of our black and brown women and youth.  Our programs include:·  HR/Intentional Organizational Change and Development for Leaders Leadership Workforce Training and Development for Youth Select 60 Leadership Girls Mentorship Program Staff Development/Team building/Personal/Professional Group and Individual Coaching Women In Power We offer a transformational mindset mentor and coaching services that include leadership workforce training and development and personal/professional development. We offer support by helping corporations, business owners, and individuals find and use their passion and purpose with a plan of action. Our ideal client is driven, overwhelmed, working with outdated systems and processes, and professionals that desire to move towards the next steps with patience. Our clients may have questions about the unknown but are willing to do the work to find clarity and complete the processes. Our clients work with underprivileged and underrepresented populations both locally and globally. Our clients plan for a career, education, entrepreneurship, personal/professional development, and employment goals. Our clients dare to dream big with authenticity and integrity. We know this client because we are this client. We are intentional about working with clients closely connected to this affirmation statement. We bring 15 plus years of business, management, and education experience with workforce training and development, career exploration, and DISC Certification Training. We will intentionally transform lives from their today and into their tomorrow.

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