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Our Mission is to bring new flavor to one of the world’s most favorite foods to eat Barbecue! We want to make your next barbecue as fine as wine using our locally produced product “Fine As Wine” BBQ Sauce! Zero-point five percent alcohol so the kids still get to enjoy Momma D’s Kitchen “Fine As Wine” BBQ Sauce! My name is Debbie Mitchell CEO/Owner of Momma D’s Kitchen Mobile Food Cart and Producer of Momma D’s Kitchen “Fine As Wine” BBQ Sauce! Our Mission is to make your next barbecue taste as Fine As Wine. We produce A new brand of barbecue sauce made in Grand Rapids Michigan. What makes us different from all other BBQ Sauces is that all our sauces are made with Wine <0.05% so the kids still get to enjoy. We have 4 flavors Pineapple Moscato made with a white Moscato it’s sweet & Spicy, Sweet Orange Serena is made with a red wine and it’s sweet & Tangy, Apple Chardonnay is our sweet & sour because you still get that tangy of Chardonnay in the sauce and we have our Cherry Bomb Moscato made with a Cherry Moscato and it’s *Explosive* You get all that good flavor and then the Bomb goes off it’s Hot! Our sauces are also very versatile. You can use it on Vegetables, as a marinade, Dipping sauce and even in recipes. It makes everything taste as fine as wine! Our sauces are available at Fulton Street Farmers Market Grand Rapids, MI, Sobie Meats Market Walker, Michigan and The Meijer Bridge Street Market Grand Rapids, MI.
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