2023 GRABB Award Nominations Are Open!!

We are now accepting nominations for this year’s GRABB Awards! If you know an individual making a difference in our region day in and day out, please take a moment to nominate them for consideration today! The GRABB Awards were created to recognize, affirm and celebrate Black Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Community Activist, Educators, Organizations, Groups and Standard Bearers for their accomplishments over the past year and their leadership in the community. The annual celebration includes an evening of food, drink, entertainment and inspiring stories from those making a difference.

The Award Categories are as follows:

Reuben Smartt Young, Black & Gifted Award:
Recognizing a changemaker under 30 who is driving change and using their leadership to foster economic and/or social progress within the community.

Edith Rasberry Emerging Black Business Award:
Recognizes a Black-owned enterprise that exemplifies excellence and fundamental principles (outstanding customer service, excellent products/services, and community dedication) and has been actively operating for a duration of 1 to 5 years.

Harlem Renaissance Culture Architect Award:

Recognizes individuals, businesses, and organizations that play a pivotal role in constructing and shaping the cultural, social, and artistic fabric of our community. It honors those who contribute their passion, creativity, and dedication to fostering an enriched and vibrant local environment.
The Black Bottom Community Builder Award:
Recognizes a community leader, group, or organization that exhibits unwavering dedication, intense passion, and collaborative efforts in striving to enhance our community.”

NC Mutual Life Insurance Co Collaboration Award:
Recognizes businesses and organizations that embody the spirit of collaboration and partnership, emphasizing inventive relationships and practices that go beyond the ordinary and traditional. This award also highlights alliances that have achieved remarkable outcomes.

Marcus Garvey Legacy Honoree: (Selected By Committee)
Recognizing an Entrepreneurial leader who is the Standard Bearer for Black businesses in the community and has been operating their business for over 10 years aka Staying Power.

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