There are amazing, talented and hardworking people in our community who are looking to build neighborhoods and businesses. GRABB Local Inc channels this spirit to create a comprehensive approach and tools for economic and business development in under-invested neighborhoods that reflects the values, meets the needs, and allows residents and businesses to thrive. We believe that creating vibrant business districts anchored by Black businesses is vital in raising the quality of life for families in economically depressed predominantly Black neighborhoods in Grand Rapids and beyond.

To ensure that Black disadvantaged entrepreneurs (the majority of which are from historically marginalized neighborhoods) are connected to the tools, resources and support need to build businesses, acquire wealth and transform communities. Your donation helps revitalize cities one entrepreneur at a time.

Our Mission is to Empower Black entrepreneurs and business owners to Launch, Survive, Sustain and Scale their businesses.

Please consider donating to our 501(c)3 GRABB Local Inc.