Entrepreneurial Support

We strive to create and deliver unmatched entrepreneurial support that meets the unique needs of Black entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids that is dedicated to inspiring ideas, creating jobs, scaling companies, and increasing wealth in the community.

We help current and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support network in Greater Grand Rapids Area. Whether its our program, networking events, initiatives, or connections to resources we’re here to provide a supportive community that allows businesses to develop and flourish over time.

GRABB 5 Accelerator

A 6 month accelerator program for Black businesses. The GRABB 5 is a collaboration between Grand Rapids Area Black Business, Start Garden and The City Of Grand Rapids. The GRABB 5 Accelerator aims to increase economic opportunity and entrepreneurship in the Black community in the Greater Grand Rapids area. The goal for the GRABB 5 project is to significantly expand the overall ecosystem and improve access to Social, Intellectual and Financial capital that is essential to entrepreneurship.


GRABB & Go’s are general meetings and workshops for Black entrepreneurs and business owners to provide them with current information and knowledge. These meetings cover a range of topics from entrepreneurial leaders about growing and sustaining their businesses. Through these meeting series, entrepreneurs will receive information on best practices, resources and strategies in everything from legal, finances, product development, sales, marketing, capital raising. These workshops provide additional opportunities to learn and share what you know with your peers.

#TheShift Summit

#TheShift Summit is an annual initiative to connect, engage and inform entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and stakeholders about opportunities, resources, programs and policies that increases economic activity that will lead to economic empowerment and equity. In addition, #TheShift Summit aims to create dialogue and solutions for creating wealth and building sustainable communities. #TheShift Summit is a critically important opportunity for attendees to discuss and design a plan for transformational economic development within our communities.

GRABB Black Market and Awards Reception

The Black Market and GRABB Awards Reception is a one-of-a-kind, event designed to recognize those contributing to the forward progress of our community and advance the work of Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses. Which aims to foster an economy that supports the revitalization of the Black community and expand opportunities for Black Businesses in the Greater Grand Rapids area by creating economic equity. The GRABB Awards were created to recognize, reward and celebrate Black businesses, individuals and community organizations that work hard to build up and make a difference in our community.

30 Days 30 Dollars Challenge

Our economic empowerment initiative primarily seeks to raise the community’s awareness of Black owned businesses while increasing the capital flowing to these businesses. Secondly, our intent is to aide in the sustainability of locally owned black businesses that support families. By doing so we will increase employment opportunities for residents within neighborhoods of focus that will lead to a reduction in the unemployment rate and begin to revitalize economically neglected neighborhoods.

GRABB Connects

GRABB Connects are opportunities for current and future entrepreneurs to gather together for delicious appetizers, drinks, and music while exchanging social capital and hearing what’s happening with GRABB. GRABB Connects also features Content Corners. Content Corners are designated spaces at GRABB Connects that have business professionals and experts in various Business Disciplines where attending entrepreneurs can engage with in regards to their business and the products/services provided by Content Corner Partners.

GRABB Breakfasts

GRABB Breakfasts is a morning Chalk Talk and Development series for dreamers, makers, innovators, and current/aspiring business owners. This series not only brings together our city’s Black talent but also creates an open space to connect and build relationships. GRABB Breakfasts are intended to bring together Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs who are driven by passion, purpose and progress, confident that they will inspire one another, and inspire change in neighborhoods, communities and cities.


What happens when conscious consumers crowd and support black-owned businesses? How would local black-owned businesses benefit from that exposure? We’re going to answer theses questions by launching GRABB Mobbs! A GRABB Mobb is an intentional and focused effort to support black-owned businesses in the Greater Grand Rapids Area on a specific day. It’s basically a financial flashmob. GRABB Mobbs are a new way to experience and be exposed to black-owned businesses!