Our history

Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB) was started in August 2012 as an initiative to build awareness and support for Black businesses in the Greater Grand Rapids area. July 2013, GRABB launched as an organization focused on promoting locally owned Black businesses and revitalizing neighborhoods through Black business development. Since then GRABB has evolved into a 501c3 economic and business development organization launching several programs and initiatives aimed at increasing economic equity and creating wealth through entrepreneurship for Black residents in the Greater Grand Rapids Area and beyond.

Our Mission

The mission of Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB) is to empower Black entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey – from launching their businesses to achieving sustainable growth and scalability. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides Black-owned businesses with the resources, markets, and networks essential for success. By expanding access to capital, and opportunities, GRABB aims to drive economic empowerment within the Black community and contribute to the overall prosperity of the Grand Rapids area. Our mission is grounded in the belief that by uplifting Black entrepreneurs, we can create a more equitable and vibrant local economy for all.

What is GRABB?

Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB) is an institution that provides a platform that propels Black entrepreneurship forward to create wealth for our community through economic and business development.

GRABB works to foster an economy that creates prosperity and supports the revitalization of predominantly Black neighborhoods. GRABB works to expand opportunities for Black businesses in the Metro Grand Rapids area by assisting them with acquiring and leveraging Five forms of capital (Cultural, Human, Social, Intellectual and Financial) and creating awareness for Black businesses.

GRABB works closely with current and aspiring entrepreneurs to regardless of what stage or phase. Our goal is to enhance, and expand the Black business community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We believe that creating vibrant business districts anchored by Black businesses is vital in raising the quality of life for families in economically depressed predominantly Black neighborhoods in Metro Grand Rapids and beyond. GRABB has been recognized as a leader in economic equity in West Michigan.