Our Mission is to Empower Black entrepreneurs to launch, survive, sustain and scale their businesses.

Our History

Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB) was founded in 2012 to create awareness and bring visibility to the Black business community and by 2013 we launched as an economic and business development entity to advance economic equity in Grand Rapids. GRABB has been working for the last 8 years empowering the Black business community that is leading to meaningful and beneficial economic growth and sustainability.

What is GRABB?

Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB) is an institution that provides a platform that propels Black entrepreneurship forward to create wealth for our community through economic and business development.

GRABB works to foster an economy that creates prosperity and supports the revitalization of predominantly Black neighborhoods. GRABB works to expand opportunities for Black businesses in the Metro Grand Rapids area by assisting them with acquiring and leveraging Five forms of capital (Cultural, Human, Social, Intellectual and Financial) and creating awareness for Black businesses.

GRABB works closely with current and aspiring entrepreneurs to regardless of what stage or phase they’re at. With the goal to enhance, and expand the Black business community. We believe that creating vibrant business districts anchored by Black businesses is vital in raising the quality of life for families in economically depressed predominantly Black neighborhoods in Metro Grand Rapids and beyond. GRABB has been recognized as a leader in economic equity in West Michigan.

What we do

Creating & Providing Spaces and Places

With a large portion of Black businesses in the Grand Rapids Area being home based. They struggle to attract and interact with potential customers due to the loss of foot traffic by not being located in a commercial/retail space. We provide exposure opportunities for entrepreneurs by hosting Pop-up markets throughout the year

Capacity Building and Resource Development

Working directly with Black businesses to increase their ability to grow and become sustainable by facilitating workshop series that focuses on the personal development of the business owner as well as specific development areas as identified by our business assessment tool. Hosting business-to-business networking events that provides space and opportunity for the exchange of information, ideas and support. We streamline the process of finding, accessing and utilizing resources and capital.

Education & Promotion

Providing current and aspiring Black entrepreneurs with the knowledge that will help them and their businesses grow, become sustainable and increase their longevity. Through our events, marketing and branding we are raising residents awareness of Black businesses and where they are located thus increasing their visibility and introducing them to a broader customer base.

Community Engagement

We present the Metro Grand Rapids community with opportunities to interact with GRABB and Black business owners through forums, events and social media while providing meaningful ways residents can contribute their skills and energy to making Grand Rapids business community more inclusive and equitable.