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Welcome to Load A Spud a Great alternative to the renowned sub sandwiches. Why Bread? Put it on a potato! is our motto.

Instead of the baked potato accompanying the meat on your plate as a side dish, it can now be the head honcho of your meal. Our potato starts off simple, but yet tasty, buttered and seasoned to perfection, ready to be converted into the main course. We have 20 signature spuds and a variety of meats, veggies and sauces that you may load to your liking. We’re sure this eatery is certain to become a foodies favorite.

Load-a-Spud Potato Bar has something for everyone! So go ahead bring your kids, spouse, parents, grandparents, extended family, annoying and not so annoying friends and come in for a bite. We are confident that you will love your Load-a-Spud experience! Load-a-Spud Potato Bar is proud to be in the forefront of providing nutritionally responsibility yet delicious food to its customers.

What to expect from a Load-a-Spud “Potato”?

Here’s a few healthy facts to chew on when debating over your traditional fast food burger restaurant or Load-a-Spud Potato Bar.

  • A natural source of folate
  • Full of vitamin C
  • Low in calories
  • Completely fat free.
  • Great source of protein.
  • Natural good for you “dietary fiber”
  • Good source of minerals.
  • Rich in carbohydrates and energy.
  • Good source of Niacin, vitamin B6 iodine and thiamin
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1721 Madison Avenue Southeast, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507, United States