IN-DEPTH: ‘I don’t know how to give up:’ Soul-Filled catering, other black businesses navigate through rough pandemic

MUSKEGON, Mich. — Soul Filled Eatery served collard greens, mac-n-cheese, fried chicken wings, and other southern dishes. However it was known for its turkey knuckles. Owner Lakisha Harris said they were the best around. Her small restaurant was so packed that they had 45-60 minute wait times.

However, now, the turkey knuckles will come in containers along with her others foods.

“Who doesn’t love good food. I knew I had a good product. I knew I had something unique. But what I didn’t know was the best way to propagate that,” Harris said during an interview with Fox 17 in mid-February. “I found out, almost like the mantra in Field of Dreams ‘if you build they will come.’ So, I began to build smaller spaces that people feel more comfortable coming to.”

A few months ago, Harris closed her restaurant on Glade Street and has since moved to BoomTown Market in downtown Muskegon, where there isn’t much southern cuisine. She changed her business operations from being an eatery to being Soul Filled Catering and Private Chef Services.

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