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Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB) is an Economic and Business Development organization. GRABB works to foster an economy that creates prosperity and supports the revitalization of predominantly Black neighborhoods.

GRABB works to expand opportunities for Black businesses in the Metro Grand Rapids area by assisting them with acquiring four form of capital (Human, Social, Intellectual and Financial) and creating awareness for Black businesses. GRABB is empowering the Black business community that is leading to meaningful and beneficial economic growth and sustainability.

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Power 91.9FM WDPW
Certified Black
640 Eastern Avenue Southeast , Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506, United States
Digital Concrete LLC
Verified Black (Free Listing)

Opportunities to Empower Black Entrepreneurship


$1.8 Trillion Black Consumer Spending with only 2% being spent with Black owned businesses. Shifting 10% of Black Consumer Spend would create millions of jobs.

Capital Access

Black Entrepreneurs only access 3% of $30 Billion in SBA backed loans and 1% of $108 Billion of Venture Capital Invested

Wealth Gap

Black families control 1/2 of 1% of this nations wealth nearly the exact same amount control at the end of enslavement of African descendants. Black families net worth on average is approximately $17k in wealth compared to $171K for White families

What is #TheShift?

#TheShift is the conscious and intentional effort to achieve economic equity through entrepreneurship and wealth creation in the Black community that will raise the quality of life for Black families. #TheShift is the redirection and reinvestment of our dollars into our Black owned businesses, predominately Black neighborhoods and spaces. It has been stated that the Dollar leaks out the Black community after 6 hour while it remains in other communities as long as 28 days. #TheShift is also about slowing the leakage of dollars out of our community so we can build generation wealth.

What Our Community is Saying

Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses was instrumental in making sure our business was successful. GRABB walked with us side by side to help remove barriers as they came up while we were launching our business. They have stayed with us and supported us through our journey providing and connecting us to useful resources both social and financial.

Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses has been a major help for Wallway Technologies. From providing networking opportunities, one on one coaching and strategy sessions to recommendations within their network. Wallway Technologies is proud to be a part of the GRABB community and support its mission!

Through its programs, events, and use of its platform to create space for others, GRABB has played a vital role in helping me make the connections needed to grow my business. In its work to spotlight, support, and develop economic opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs that make up Grand Rapids' Black community, GRABB has been an invaluable resource.

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Upcoming Events

2021 GRABB Awards

Join us the evening of December 2nd we are excited to present our Annual GRABB Awards Reception. The GRABB Awards Reception is a one-of-a-kind, event designed to recognize those contributing […]

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