The Team

Jamiel Robinson - Founder & CEO

Jamiel Robinson is the Founder & CEO of Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses (GRABB). GRABB is an Economic Development enterprise that focuses on fostering an economy that supports the revitalization of the Black community and expands opportunities for Black entrepreneurs in the Metro Grand Rapids area by promoting economic empowerment and equity.

To date Robinson has been recognized as a leader in West Michigan on economic equity and development with feature articles in the Crain’s Detroit, The Guardian, Grand Rapids Business Journal, Grand Rapids Press and Grand Rapids Magazine. Robinson was named by the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce as one of 30 extraordinary leaders over the past 30 years, Grand Rapids Business Journal’s 40 under Forty Business leaders and highlighted as one of the 200 Most Powerful Business Leaders in West Michigan.

Taylor Wilson - Administrative Coordinator

Taylor Wilson is an ambitious and smiling individual, who has a caring heart to help many in our community. Taylor always felt her calling was and still is, to uplift the Black community. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, known to many also as the historic location of Black Wall Street, but raised in Kentwood, Michigan. Taylor takes pride in her mixed cultural background being that she’s Jamaican and African American. She started her college career attending Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). Attending GRCC, she knew that she needed to gain a deeper perspective and experience Black culture on a deeper level so she took the initiative to transfer to a Historically Black College & University (HBCU).  Taylor graduated from Albany State University in 2017, where she specialized in scientific research as her undergraduate studies. Today she holds an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Prior to joining GRABB Local Inc., Taylor’s work experience was in the healthcare field. Working more than five years in the healthcare field, she became very aware of how the BIPOC population were treated differently in healthcare. Taylor’s interest in being involved in the Black community has led her to take the role of Administrative Coordinator with GRABB. Here Taylor continues to support, and educate Black entrepreneurs in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Taylor’s newly established hobby outside of work is collecting and caring for plants. 

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